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Terms and Services

Following terms and conditions are agreed upon if the user is using the website. EZCustomBoxes has the right to modify and change these rules and conditions without any intimation or notice at any time.

Terms and Services

Following terms and conditions are agreed upon if the user is using the website. EZCustomBoxes has the right to modify and change these rules and conditions without any intimation or notice at any time. It is recommended to users visit this page on and off. EZCustomBoxes is the owner of the materials that are utilized for the production of our products. Our material is not shared and sold to other parties. It is the right of EZCustomBoxes that they can distribute free samples or display the custom-created printed boxes for customers to showcase the expertise and display of the designs.

Copyright Notice: It is acknowledged by the use of the website that the user is well aware that all the information and content displayed on the website, that is, written material, software, data, images, photographs, graphics, illustrations, designs and maps, and all other content which is collectively termed to be ‘Our Website Content’, is under the ownership of EZ Custom Boxes and any kind of modification, updating, copying, storing, republishing, distribution and transmission of the content are strictly not allowed without the legal permission of the website owners. 

User Conduct On Our Website: You are liable for any material either pictures, music, or writing which you upload, share, publicize or anyway give out or disperse through our website. You accept that any material either pictures, music, or writing that you upload, share, publicize or anyway give out or disperse through our website or is used in collaboration with Our Website Contents will not include any text, image, design, trademark, service mark, or any copyrighted work of any third party unless you have obtained the appropriate authorizations from the respective owners for such use. You accept and permit that you shall not upload, share, publicize or anyway give out or disperse through our website any web content that is unpleasant, obscene and cut down our various users from utilizing the services of our website or infringe the scholarly property rights of EZ Custom Boxes or any other third party.  We have no authority over the material shared by the customers of EZ Custom Boxes and hence we give no assurance of the validity, decency, or morality of the material. EZ Custom Boxes will not be responsible for any web content, which you find indecent, unlawful, or abusive.  EZ Custom Boxes has the right to remove any material that is indecent, abusive, or otherwise unlawful but it is not their duty to remove such material which violates terms and conditions or which are thought of as objectionable. The company has all the authority to keep the content posted to our website or may reveal it if required (a) stick to judicial process; (b) apply the terms of service; (c) replies the assert that the web content disobeys the third-parties right, or (d) keeps the rights, wealth or safety of our website and its customers. To receive our products, it is your primary duty to provide the correct information. Our website is purely designed for the use of humans and no other automated means. Any misuse of our website which violates the terms and conditions of EZ Custom Boxes will be considered illegal and judicial action will be taken against it. If you are a customer and placed an order on our website, you assure that you have all the necessary rights, permission, and authority to place an order and the company can create unique products on your behalf. Only you should keep your password protected and controlling the access of your registered account on our website. It will be on your behalf if someone accessing your account places an order on our website. You allow access to the website to create, reuse and modify content from our website when you or anyone who has access to your account.  To utilize the features and services of our website, the website needs customer’s emails and names for accessing the access in the future. The website has the right to ask for any other personal and business information if needed. Only you are responsible for protecting your password and should not reveal it to anyone. In case of misuse of passwords or access, you are responsible for any misuse of our website or customer’s information either personal or public. If you use our website, it shows the acknowledgment that you agree to the privacy policy of Ez Custom Boxes. You admit that you have read and understood the company’s privacy policy and can use your personal and business information as described in the privacy policy.

Indemnification & Limitation of Liability: You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless EZ Custom Boxes including its members, directors, employees, representatives, vendors, suppliers, affiliates, and subcontractors from and against any claims, damages, in case that a claim or assert is made against the company because of the so-called wrong acts of the customers or un-proven printing performed of the products by the company and requested by the customers. (a.) Violates any legal protection of any individual; or (b.) Includes events that are malicious, abusive, foul; and (c) Are the results of unauthorized access to any password-protected area of our website. You shall compensate and hold us safe from any loss, harm, destruction, or vandalism, which arises because of any claim (1.) Safeguard the company against any asserts (2.) Tip any verdict award; and (3.) Paying us for any judicial fees and expenditures, which are involved. The Company will not be liable for any accident, death, hazardous event, damage, or hold up of any sort of its workers, employees, marketing staff, media members, and relevant authorities which is caused by either the usage of our website through the received information or in case any party was recommended of such a possibility of damages.  In no event shall our total liability to you for all damages, losses, and causes of action including but not limited to negligence, arising from this agreement or your use of our website exceed the amount paid by you to Ez Custom Boxes for the order or request. 

Return and Refund Policy: If you find any fault in the printing of your product or the product is not printed according to your specifications, you need to inform the company with 3 working days after receiving your order. In case of faulty printing or not specified printing, we will reprint your original order but will make no refund.The customers need to send the defective product’s digital photos to the company and the product if asked using their expenditure within 7 business days to receive the reprint of your product. Accelerated orders have non-refundable charges.

Payment Order Placement, Cancellations: The prices of products are in USD (U.S Dollars) on our website. In addition, payment will be received in the same currency. The company starts working on your requested order if they have received the total amount due on you, which includes taxes, shipping charges, etc. via some authenticated payment source. The order placement also includes sending the company the final form of the product or services via electronic file or hard copy of the ordered product or services they need the company to do for them. The printing tasks are sent to the press department once you are sure about what you want from us. After the task is sent to the press department, no changes are made in anything regarding timing and design. However, you can cancel the order within the limited duration of 4 hours after proof approval. This cancellation will cost you $100 and 5% of the total payment of your order. The customers also have the option to cancel their order after a 24-hour limit however, this will cost them 50% of the total payment of their order to cover up the time and resources being utilized in your order till that time.Although the company does not assure that one can cancel their order after the 24-hour time limit. 

Design Orders: EZ Custom Boxes does not allow any refunds for design services orders. The customers have no choice for canceling the order in case of design services and the total payment will be non-refundable.

Sales Tax Policy: The company needs to see your tax exemption certificate at the time of placing your order in case you are tax-exempt.

Customers Submitted Artwork/Files: Our artwork designers use the provided artwork of the users from our website to create new designs. The company requires your artwork files in 300 dpi (dots per inch) in the final form and CMYK format. If you provide the files in other font sizes and not with CMYK format the company will not be considered responsible for printing blurred, exaggerated, or printing different than your demand. The customers who place an order are to be blamed if the printed work is not what they expected due to the orientation or sequence of the placed order. The company’s employees take all possible precautions to avoid the loss of our customers; EZ Custom Boxes is not responsible for the loss of your printed orders. Once you upload artwork or any files to our website, you ensure that the posted material is your property under the law. The company reserves the right to decline an order, which in our opinion is considered unlawful or violates third-party rights. When you place an order as a customer, you accept compete for liability of the material created on your directions. EZ Custom Boxes has the authority to decline any order without informing a reason. It is to inform you that the company does not print anything offensive, indecent, or abusive. 

Proofs and Color Accuracy: The order placement also includes sending the company the final form of the product or services via electronic file or hard copy of the ordered product or services they need the company to do for them. The printing tasks are sent to the press department once you sent us the agreement. As a customer, you have to update and examine the proof. The company should not be kept waiting for contradicted proofs causing delays. You should remember that the turnaround time, which is disclosed on our website, is effective after the proof of agreement. You are requested to go through the proof before agreeing upon it. Please check your original file for any expected errors in spacing, copy, layout, punctuation, or the picture position and the text printed. Proofs in electronic forms do not handle transparency; overprinting problems or color improve from RGB or Pantone to CMYK. The company is not responsible for the printed version of products with laminations.  The customer is fully responsible for all that is contained in the final approved proof: The color to be printed is produced from the submitted artwork file but it cannot be exactly like that color due to the built-in limitations of the printing processes as well as adjoining picture ink needs, the color accuracy cannot be guaranteed. When you place an order, you agree to this drawback of the system. The employees are advised to try their best to provide the closest color but the company is not liable for color changes between expected and printed work. There will be no reprinting done for such color alterations that are there due to the system limitations. We are not responsible for the matching color, ink, density on the printed products, which you approved. However, the company guarantees color precision and matching if you order hard proof from the company. It is to be informed that hard copy proof will cost you more otherwise. 

No Liability for Errors: EZ Custom Boxes is not to be considered responsible if there are errors in the final printed product like: Spelling and Grammar mistakes, Font Mistakes Graphics punctuation, percolating marks  Erroneous fonts, Die lines, cropping marks. Cracks in folds  Overprinting errors  The difference in finished product size  *All Packaging Material is shipped Flat and Pre-assembled

Gang run printing: Our company does not use the combined or gang printing technique for the majority of the printing products. According to the printing requirements of the company and customers, the company can use any printing technique, which is well-suited to them. 

Overruns & Underruns: The company walks behind the general rule of delivering 5% extra or less quantity of delivered products. 

Production Speed, Shipping, and Delivery of Orders: Once you have paid or sent the complete amount of your order to the company and shared your order with artwork/file either in hard form or electronic form, and agreed upon the shared content, which is reviewed by the press department then the production speed and printing turnaround time starts. Placing an order on our website, you can select the production speed that shows the no. of working days from printing to the shipment. You should send your agreement to the proof before 10 am Central Standard Time (CT). The Company and employees try their best to provide you your products in time as mutually agreed. In case of any delay, company is not liable for any loss/damage done because of the delay in shipping. The customers accept that the company is not responsible for any delay because of the weather or customs issues that cannot be controlled directly by us or any unforeseen natural disaster. If there is a problem with the printing process, the charges will be refunded although orders are not canceled caused by a delay in printing. You decide to bill the entire amount in terms of customs duties and fees when shipped to respective locations. As a customer, you have to clear amounts of customs for shipping the products outside the USA. The company is not responsible for the delivery transportation timings, and loss or damage, which is done during the shipping. Legally the company is not to be blamed for any loss in shipping. Although this type of incident can be bought into attention within 3 working days after the shipment. If you provide us incorrect shipment delivery address or otherwise make an error in the submission of the complete delivery address, we will charge additional shipping and handling charges for re-shipment. 

Changes to our Website and Terms and Conditions: EZ Custom Boxes has the authority to change any section of our website or Terms and Conditions any time with or without notice to the customers of EZ Custom Boxes. The new changes will be in effect as they become the part of terms and conditions of our website. If you keep using the website after new changes to the terms, it will be considered as your agreement to the new changes. 

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